Funder: Wells Fargo

The AchievABLE Corner was developed by National Disability Institute in partnership with CalABLE and with generous funding from Wells Fargo Foundation. The initiative provides just-in-time financial education resources and tools for current and potential CalABLE account holders.

CalABLE is a tax-advantaged savings and investment program designed to help eligible individuals, whose disability occurred before the age of 26, to save for disability-related expenses without jeopardizing public benefits. The CalABLE program is open to all qualified U.S. residents with disabilities.

The AchievABLE Corner will provide information and advice on how to use a CalABLE account as an opportunity to maintain health, independence and quality of life, and maximize savings without putting public benefits at risk. The AchievABLE Corner also addresses broader issues, including how to open and use a CalABLE account, and offers ABLE account owners the opportunity to improve money management skills to save regularly to maximize their financial well-being.

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