Funder: Bank of America

Training and technical assistance provided to the REI Network includes a Webinar Series, a Virtual Toolkit, access to and use of NDI content, and technical assistance, as needed. Training and technical assistance activities are designed to expand knowledge, enhance partnerships and inspire new collaborations. NDI staff are challenged and empowered to continually build their knowledge and expertise to ensure their capability to be responsive to partner’s requests and to provide accurate and timely information and resources.

NDI collaborates with leading organizations in the Financial Capability arena that are experts in their specific area of specialty to provide an annual webinar series. NDI staff strategically design the webinars to provide cutting edge topics to the network, providing the opportunity for network members to learn about and consider the use of best practices on how organizations can incorporate these topics within their service delivery. The topics that are included have traditionally been provided in a conference setting. For organizations with limited travel resources, NDI’s webinar series is the go to resource of choice for the latest information on new innovations and cutting edge best practices.

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