Community Partners

ADEN values others who invest in employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities.  Working with other stakeholders allows ADEN Participants an opportunity to capitalize on the unique offerings of separate entities. Whether you are an employer who welcomes qualified candidates to your workforce or a state Vocational Rehabilitation agency providing employment services, ADEN wants to discuss how we can partner with you. Together we can build a better economic future for individuals who receive Social Security disability benefits through employment. Your partnership with ADEN is free and provides advantages to positively impact your mission.

ADEN Employer Partners

State Vocational Rehabilitation Partners

Employer Partners

ADEN is aware employers have an interest in diversifying their workforce by capitalizing on the talents individuals with disabilities possess. ADEN understands the need for businesses to monitor their bottom line and to seek a reliable supply chain that meets today’s workforce needs.

ADEN has partnered with some national resources for employers of all sizes to address their recruitment needs.

Current Employer Partners

We partner with these parties who connect thousands of jobs to a large talent pool of job seekers.

Employer Resources

State Vocational Rehabilitation

ADEN embraces the opportunity to partner with State Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) agencies in an effort to build strong employment service delivery systems.  Coordinating activities to promote the employment of persons with disabilities, and the Ticket to Work program is a central goal of ADEN. ADEN values the state VR system and is eager to establish a formal Partnership Plus relationship in the states where ADEN Members reside, so ongoing employment supports are available to successful VR customers.

The most common services provided by ADEN to individuals after state VR case closure are the following:

  • Benefits Planning and Work Incentive Guidance by certified practitioners
  • Support to stabilize job and adjust to changes on the job
  • Advocacy and resources for accommodations
  • Financial Wellness resources
  • Assistance to pursue career advancement
  • Referral to community resources

Current VR Partnership Plus States

We invite state VR offices to join the growing list of states with ADEN has a Partnership Plus agreement.

Benefits of Partnership Plus

For the Beneficiary, they continue to receive:

  • Employment supports to retain employment
  • Benefits planning and work incentive advisement and help addressing potential overpayment
  • Continuing Disability Review protection, as long as they are making progress

For State Vocational Rehabilitation:

  • VR potentially gets funding from SSA and counts the case as a successful performance outcome, allowing agency to serve more folks.


  • SSA and taxpayers benefit from one less person receiving disability cash benefits from SSA.

For Beneficiaries

For Service Providers



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