Stephanie: “I Am Back in the Classroom”

A personal story from Stephanie expresses how having someone to support your employment goals can be a life-changing event.  “I am a high school English teacher; I never thought I would be back in the classroom making a difference.”

“Beginning work at the age of 16 was one of the highlights of my teenage years. I also enjoyed having a car and a valid driver’s license. During this time, I got a great sense of accomplishment from being able to maintain good grades while working as a teen model for Sears and earning my very own money. I was starting to develop work values.

At the age of 49, life threw me a curve ball with the death of my daughter and an illness that forced me to leave the workforce with a very bleak forecast to never return. As I worked through my sickness and grief, I knew I wasn’t a quitter; I just needed a little encouragement. I had the pleasure of speaking with a representative from American Dream Employment Network. January 2016 was the year I spoke with a group of knowledgeable and amazing professionals that, not only encouraged me through the Social Security Ticket to Work Program, but also helped me make the choice to exist or to live every day to the fullest! I’m happy to say that I have had their continued support throughout my struggles and I am back at work full-time! I am a high school English teacher; I never thought I would be back in the classroom making a difference. Your company has made an impact on my life and I am eternally grateful to each of you!”

Congratulations to Stephanie for her success on the job, and for achieving gainful employment once again, which is the goal of the Ticket to Work program! The American Dream Employment Network is available to support other individuals, like Stephanie, receiving Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits. For more information on how you can assign your Ticket to Work to the American Dream Employment Network, please contact ADEN at 844-687-2336. Employment service providers across the country are invited to discuss the possibility of becoming an Employment Network under the American Dream Employment Network.

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