Inclusive Employment Solutions

National Disability Institute is excited to introduce Inclusive Employment Solutions.

Inclusive Employment Solutions (IES) offers technical assistance, tools and resources to support community leaders and Workforce/Human Service system managers, service professionals and others in efforts to improve employment services and outcomes for individuals with disabilities. Our solutions and services are informed by our body of knowledge and more than 15 years of Subject Matter Expert (SME) involvement in national disability and employment technical assistance centers.

The IES Team

  • Doug Keast
    Doug Keast

    40 years’ experience in the fields of disability and employment working at a local, state and national level to facilitate cross-system strategic planning and implementation.

  • Lou Adams
    Lou Adams

    30 years’ experience in working with individuals with disabilities with strengths in Strategic Planning and Research.

  • Nancy Boutot
    Nancy Boutot

    30 years’ experience in local, state and national employment programs, focusing on community integration, employment policy, career pathways, customized employment strategies and asset development.

  • Nikki Powis
    Nikki Powis

    30 years’ experience in the field of workforce development with an extensive working knowledge of employment and human service programs serving diverse populations.

  • Brian Ingram
    Brian Ingram

    20 years’ experience in the fields of disability and employment, focusing on issues of access toWIA/WIOA services for customers with disabilities and other challenges to employment at a regional, state and national level.

  • Sarah Loizeaux
    Sarah Loizeaux

    15 years’ experience in the fields of disability and employment with expertise in career pathways, job placement, work-based learning and cross-agency coordination.

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