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Testimonials: NDI's AT Loan Program

  • "I am a social worker and I came upon a wheelchair user who asked if I would help push her down the block. It was obvious the person needed a motorized wheel chair. I called the NDI AT Loan Program and I received a few referrals for possible places to get a used unit. I explained that the person had limited income, their only income being SSI and therefore, they could not afford a loan. I received several referrals to find a used unit.  I was surprised to learn that the monthly payment would only be $57 for a new motorized chair – that is affordable, more people need to know about this program!"

  • "Now that I have my OrCam vision device, I can read my prescription bottles and newspaper again. Thank you, NDI AT Loan Program!"

  • "I wanted the best for my child who was striving to succeed in school. I began the search for assistive technology that would help my son succeed in school. I stumbled across OrCam, a device that provides text-to-speech capability that is untethered to any device. I was able to make the AT purchase, thanks to the NDI AT Loan Program. Now, in his first year in high school, my son uses the device when he starts to struggle reading text and comprehension. School administrators and technology directors from both his current and previous school marvel at the device and consider it to be leading-edge technology. This statement says it all. 'Without the device, I don’t think I would have graduated from the 8th grade; thanks to NDI'."  

  • "Spring Bank was wonderful. The Assistive Technology Loan Program is the only way I could have purchased the wheelchair accessible van. I was even able to purchase the extended warranty, and all of it was done online. I got my independence back. I really don’t know what I would have done without this opportunity."


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