One in four people with disabilities live in poverty and face barriers that hinder their access to employment, education, skills development, financial services and full participation in their communities. The uncertainty of not being able to meet basic needs such as housing and healthcare can lead to anxiety and exacerbate mental health crises.

April is Financial Literacy Month and National Stress Awareness Month. All month long, National Disability Institute (NDI) is raising awareness about the financial health of people with disabilities and mental health resources. Follow NDI on Facebook, Threads and LinkedIn for tips and resources to empower individuals with disabilities to Save Smart, Stress Less about their financial future.

“My ABLE account has been a lifesaver and helped me to build my own future.” – Taylor Carty, ABLE Account Owner, Master of Public Health Student

April is also #ABLEto$ave Month and an ideal opportunity to introduce Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) accounts to qualified individuals with disabilities and their families. ABLE accounts are tax-advantaged savings accounts that can be an effective tool to help improve health, independence and quality of life. Explore and listen to the ABLE to Save podcast series to hear from leaders in the public and private sectors, as well as from ABLE account holders and their family members, on subjects including, “ABLE Accounts and Social Security Beneficiaries,” “Planning Now and Into the Future with an ABLE Account,” “Using an ABLE Account to Become Self-Employed” and more.

An illustration that includes a head-shaped flower pot with an at-ease expression growing a brain and flowers underneath a lightbulb that contains a money symbol, the National Disability Institute (NDI) logo, and the text: Financial Literacy Month, Save Smart, Stress Less

“If you figure out your financial future, you have control of your life.” – Tom Foley, NDI Executive Director

Whether you are individual with a disability or a family member, or working on behalf of a financial institution or community partner, NDI has the Financial Wellness Tools to help you or those you serve gain knowledge on ways to save money and worry less. From goal-setting and creating a spending plan, to choosing a bank or which card to use, these tools aim to give individuals the confidence and skills to improve their independence. NDI also offers free Quick Reference Guides designed to provide information in short, downloadable documents for disability service providers, nonprofits, financial professionals and municipalities. Access and share guides on Savings, Spending, Managing Money, Taxes & Free Tax Prep and more today.

NDI continues to equip people with disabilities with the skills and knowledge to take actions that can reduce financial stress now and into the future. Whether April has you stressing about filing your taxes, fearful about exploring a return to the workforce, or anxious as you look to start, build and grow your own business, NDI can help. You can, too.

This month, as we raise awareness about Financial Literacy and the relationship between economic and personal well-being, join in NDI’s commitment to financial education and empowerment for people with disabilities. Visit to learn more about financial inclusion for all, projects with measurable impact and how you can be a catalyst for change.


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