Funder: Bank of America

In 2019, the Bank of America project will also launch The Sign-On to Financial Empowerment initiative. The Sign-On initiative will boost awareness and application of financial capability strategies through ASL communication access in the Deaf community, increasing the number of Deaf individuals that will:

  • Become banked
  • Become ABLE Account owners
  • Receive financial coaching
  • Receive work incentives counseling
  • Address financial challenges & implement solutions

The project will boost financial empowerment in the Deaf community through a combination of educational workshops and training, and ASL videos.

The initiative will improve communication access within financial institutions through Deaf awareness, so that more Deaf individuals may seamlessly access banking, savings and other critical services in the financial mainstream.

Deaf awareness training provided by NDI and Lead Deaf Partners in (3) select cities will expand awareness to Bank of America financial institutions, programs and volunteers/employees on effective communication strategies with a diverse Deaf community.

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